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The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries by DavidDarkheartKing
Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore by DavidDarkheartKing
made for TVD fans:vampireglomp:

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   A war is about to happen between two opposing clans of vampire, the Nosferats and the Venators as the sun slowly fades as the shadows started to sprawl on the rocky mountains and the fine hot sands of the desert battlefield. The two rival clans are standing on their places while raising their sharp spears, solid shields and deadly swords, waiting for their sign to move on; After the sun completely fades  on the sky, the spearhead of the group moved forward and raised his swords and shouted.


He pointed his swords towards the direction of their rival as the other opponent does the same thing.
They both ran against each other, pointing their spears wanting their enemies to be impaled to death and wanting to spread corpses drenched in a massive amount of blood.

   As the blood sheds in the battlefield a mysterious man is sitting like an owl on the edge of a cliff, he watches the blood of every warriors flows like a river and mixes on the sand. He stood up from his seat and puts his white hood over his brownish black hair; the hood is attached on his white long tunic coat with red and metallic accents. The hood casts a shadow which concealed the half of his face, his eyes glowed in red and it can be seen underneath the shadows.

   Some of the warriors below him noticed him as they fought for their lives and honor, his face is almost covered by shadows from his cowl and it made them wonder if he’s a Nosferat or a Venator? decision’s decisions. No one knows his identity nor recognizes him.

   He stood up in his full height as he pulls  out his bow and an arrow from its quiver placed on his back, he grinned widely showing his white sharp fangs before he took a huge leap of faith heading down to the war below. He glides like a hawk catching its prey; he spread his arms while holding his bow and arrow. He landed on the battlefield safe and sound; the dust spreads in the air, it was made after the mysterious bloke landed on the bloody sands, he stood in his full height as he stretches the string of his bow and arrow aiming for his first kill, the two fighting soldiers shivered on fear when they noticed that they are being aimed by the man, Who’s gonna dead? The Nosferat or the Venator? And the he shoot a Venator soldier on its throat.
The Venator was drenched on his own blood flowing down from his neck knowing himself that he’s going to die, the fatally wounded warrior lied on the dusty ground and dies, itys flesh turns into ashes as it was being blown away by the wind, leaving only its armor  and weaponry lying on the bloody ground

   A high ranked warrior seen killed one of his men, the warrior pulled out his sword and pointed it at him.

“He’s a Nosferat!!”  the warrior shouted to his men

The man in the white hood’s attention was caught, he quickly whisked his hand and retracted his hidden blade attached to his leather wristband underneath his sleeves.

“Sieze hi—“ the warrior suddenly stopped before he even finished what he’s going to say.
The warrior looked onto his chest seeing a blade pierced on it and the mysterious man who owns it.

“Pardon me, what are you trying say?”  the mysterious man said to him, as he opened his mouth it gave a hint that he spoke in British accent, as the blood of the dying warrior covers his right hand the warrior replied

“ Wh-Who are y-you?” as he stutters  and his own blood flows down from his mouth

“I don’t want to burden you with the gory details”  the man replied as he twists his hand and pushes the blade deeper onto its chest until the tip of the blade reaches its heart, it’s enough to end the man’s life  then he quickly pulled out the blade from its chest and whisks the blood off from his blade.

 “Rest, Rest in peace…dear deceased” he grinned playfully at the corpse of the warrior knowing that he’s enjoying someone dies on his arms, he watched the warrior’s corpse’s flesh turned into ashes and blown away.

“My brothers!! Let’s bring them all down…until every single one them are all dead”  he shouted while raising his bloody hand to encourage the other warriros on his side to fight for their kind and for their lives.
He ran into the crowd where the other Nosferats fight against the Venators, he lunged onto a Venator that is about to stab a Nosferat and drives his blade on the middle of its forehead. Another warrior ran towards him with a sword, the warrior slashes his sword left and right on him but the he dodges his every slash. The warrior panted after slashing a couple of times without hitting any single piece of him, not even a single finger cut.

 “IS THAT IT!..Are you done now?” he said as he mocks at the panting soldier “Now my turn” he added as a playful smirk carved on his lips.
The warrior felt offended on what he said so he bursts into anger and attempts to behead him but the mysterious man felt the warrior’s rage, before the warrior swifts his arm the man blocked his arm with his right hand and took his sword on the other then he quickly pushed the warrior away and swifts the swords towards to its neck , a single death blow cuts the head off of the warrior which leads to its instant death.

He watched to blood of the warrior drops from the sword as a another Venator ran towards him, he quickly threw the sword onto the oncoming warrior, the sword pierced the warrior’s heart and another life is taken by him.


“The sound of the grinding blades in the battlefield is such a wonderful music in my ears”
he said while smiling at the corpse around him, he knew the war isn’t over so he ran with his inhuman speed and started to eliminate every Venator soldiers who gets in his way, he slits someone’s throat, he ripped someone’s heart out of its chest, he also decapitated someone with its own sword and he tear someone’s limb apart.


He looked up into the sky seeing the bright moon, shines on his alabaster white skin, covered in a strange darkness, he realizes its not just a strange darkness nor just an ordinary cloud, those are…

“Arrows…” he mumbled

“Everyone take cover!!”  he shouted as he stabbed another Venator onto its back and used it as a meat shield from the falling hundreds, thousands of arrows falling from the dark sky. As the arrows fell down over them the Venators moved away as the other Nosferats are taking cover but most of them have died from the deadly rain.
When the deadly rain ended, he dropped the carcass of the Venator pierced by arrows onto its head, chest and groin; He scanned the whole area seeing other Nosferats turned into ashes and blown away by the desert winds.

He starred at the carnage and wondering how he’s alive, strangers’ blood on his hands and all over him made him realized on what he did before he sighed heavily. As the other survivors came out of the shadows of the large rocks and some underneath the shields.
The man removed his cowl showing his young looking appearance.

“Did we… make it?” he asked as he ran his bloody hand over his smooth black hair.

A survivor headed slowly towards him and tapped his shoulders “You’ve done so many for us…for our kind, you’ve done enough young blood”

He looked to the other Nosferat and shook his head “No it isn’t, we’re just getting started” he replied as the night ended bittersweet.


DavidDarkheartKing's Profile Picture
George Louise Fortin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Im George Louise Fortin from Quezon City,Philippines
currently (2013-2014) Im a 4th year highschol student
my hobbies are actually making drawings and doing edits...
and my favourite is roleplaying in Facebook,
I won many poster making contests at our school mostly 1st place if not 2nd or 3rd after all Im just having fun. :iconsmile:

Family in roleplay
they are the ones whose very close in to me in roleplay
actually there are more of them (I just cant find an icon for them LoL)
:iconiansomerhalderplz:Damon Deathkisser Salvatore (brother)
:icontwistedlilbeauty: Caroline Angel-Barbie Forbes (sister)

Friends ( That I know or close to me and or I just only know )
These are the people that I know in rl
:iconzphazhiivah: :iconbloodprince12:

That are close to me and I just know
They are the ones who gave me ideas who knowing them..I am more like an observer...
:iconlegendarydragon90: :iconsambriggs: :iconfrozen-knight:

Things about me:
-Im an emo or goth (or so what ever)
-Im one of the sanguine vampires ( its true)
-I prefer to be alone sometimes
-OTAKU (Anime fan)
-Im an A7x fanboy
-I love Vampire Diaries
- Loves to read
-Im a gamer mostly in Resident Evil
-Loves horror movies or shows


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